We are a wholesale lender.

That mean. We process your loan from start to finish.

 We have a unique program. For our fellow Conrad and young Investor that under a balloon mortgages. We can eliminate that (HEADACHES and NIGHTMARE). No more sleepless nights.

 We do a 30 Yrs. term.

 No Income Verification.

 No Tax Verification.

        No Points.

        No Loans On a Primary Residence.


        1-4’s SFR.

        Duplex, Triplex, Fourplex.

        Multi-Family/Mix use.

        Office, Retail, Warehouse, Auto repaired.

       No land, Hospitality, Special use. No Construction or stand-alone.  Like a Denny’s Mc Donald’s Wendy’s, or  anything like that.


     P.O. Box # D. Anaheim, Ca. 92084.  1-(800) 331-6579