DAPA Funding.

Here at D.A.P.A Funding we have put a unique program together to help homeowners who are facing foreclosure. You purchase your home as an investment and to help pay for your kids' education and to enjoy your golden years as you plan for retirement. Unfortunately, things in life can happen that are out of your control. The banks do not care about the homeowner at all and have shown that by what happen back in 2008 with all the homes that were lost due to foreclosure. Their hands are there only for the money. The unknown part about foreclosure is that most homeowners don’t realize the bank has insured the property to protect their interest if this situation occurs. Your property is a debt or liability to banks if a foreclosure occurs. As a matter of fact, It is a write off for the bank and like any business that has profit and loss they still come after the homeowner. Even though the property is clearly paid for because the bank had the property insured beforehand. Nevertheless, they still want the homeowner to pay off the property. How unfair can banks be? The big banks might tell you (yes) we’ll collaborate with you to re-modify the loan. However, that is a stall tactic until there insurer pays off the property.